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VVSS' recent push for high-performing students called for branding that would position them among the elite.

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Valley View Secondary School
UX/UI/Graphic Design
January 2019

Recreating VVSS

Working with VVSS we had some strict guide lines.

We were given their existing logo with instructions to completely rebrand them by only editing the font and the shades of blue and yellow from electric blue and Pikachu yellow into something softer.

Refined Stationery

Redefining the way Valley View Secondary School wishes to be perceived starts with the students. The very paper they write on has been redesigned to inspire goal setting, organisation, and clarity of thought.

Official Documentation

Among the plethora of documentation designed for VVSS, the report card says a lot about their students in evaluation. Such a bold document deserves to be presented with discretion and substance.

Hagrid...get the sorting hat

Imagine Harry Potter without Gryffindor House; it just wouldn't be the same. A child's house is a big part of their school experience, so we knew we needed to create house mascots that the students would be proud to represent.

We wanted them to be powerful but playful ; strong, but kind. Here's how we went.

First Impressions Are Everything

We wanted to give VVSS the means to present information to new clients in a bold and enticing manner. The school's new branding backs its strong values, and we wanted that on display right at the forefront for prospective parents to see. Everything from letter heads, to business cards, note cards, and take-home slips make their way to the families of students and play a large role in the impression the school makes on the outside world.

Photographic Branding

A big part of the re-brand was loading them up with dozens of high-quality photos both for web and for print.

Here's a few of the pictures we captured.

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