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Most businesses usually want something boring because that is all they can imagine. The purpose of this project was to defeat their misconceptions about the limits of web design, and to show them what is possible in cross-platform web design when Luke Janowski is your designer. Feast your eyes on this work of art.

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A Taurine Showcase
UX/UI/Graphic Design

Proving that web design can be way cooler than you think...

Most businesses usually want something boring because that is all they can imagine. The purpose of this project was to defeat their misconceptions about the limitations of cross-platform UX/UI/Web Design and show them what is possible when Luke Janowski is your designer. Feast your eyes on this work of art.

Brief & Design Overview

Like with any client, we set ourselves a brief. The objective was to re-create a stunning one-page alternative website for Taurine Collective. We wanted something that pushes the boundaries of artistic professionalism and functional beauty to prove that functional does not have to be boring. We were bored of doing run-of-the-mill projects based on the limitations of the clients' non-design-oriented minds. This was to be proof that you can have both form and function without sacrificing either. On the contrary, the form and function of the site should be complementary to each other. Visually arresting elements should be used to draw the eye and hold the user's hand every step of the way.

Design Rationale

We weren't limited by budget or time or a client's conflicting taste, so we took every idea that we fell in love with and ran with it.

Blue? Nah, Too Boring...

Orange and purple was the cocktail of colour we chose to blend for this glorious experience. Two of the most intense and obnoxious colours on the spectrum, they are notoriously difficult to make work. But when it works, it is as beautiful as it is memorable.

We also decided that every element were to be coloured with the same light angle, creating unbeatable consistency. Every coloured item was to have orange on the top right, and purple on the bottom left.

A display of the root colour palette.

The Heart and Soul

The hero section is the star of the show as it should always be. We wanted to convey hope, power, glory, beauty, and a sense of achieving the impossible, all with one striking image. As Taurine's brand revolves around the symbol of a charging winged bison, Luke first decided to bring the creature to life. Researching the build, muscular structure, and movement of the American bison, Luke created the glorious winged beast that would stand in the foreground.

The mountain Luke illustrated for the background is a representation of Mt. Giewont in the Zakopane region of Poland. Legend says Mt. Giewont is a great sleeping giant waiting for the apocalypse to wake and fight as a symbol of hope and power.

After adding a middle section, a few fluffy clouds, and enough trees to make a vegan cry tears of joy, Luke programmed each section to move at a different rate when the user scrolls, creating a stunning parallax effect.

Luke's illustration of Mt. Giewont.
Luke's winged bison illustration, symbolising the heart and soul of the Taurine company mantra.
The full composition in Adobe Illustrator.
The hero section in all it's glory.

Iconic Crafting

It was time to present our services. Luke wanted to create a fully custom icon to represent every service. Each one was created from scratch and made to appear 3D with perspective and depth-of-field blur. You may recognise these icons as we ended up loving them so much we now use them for our main website.

The services were then presented on a custom-built, interactive and animated carousel. Each service has its own colour, as indicated at the bottom of each carousel card. Functional and beautiful as always.

Photography Showcase

On top of our design expertise, we also love to do photography. But instead of showcasing boring corporate photos, we decided to present a custom built and animated masonry section with visually captivating imagery.

Client Showcase

The client work is where the rubber hits the road, so we decided to showcase our most visually arresting client work in the form of a mesmerising turn-table styled portfolio showcase that smoothly rotates projects in and out as you scroll. The variety of work chosen was diverse to showcase our broad range of skills along with our painfully high quality standards.

Example portfolio section item.
The same section, but as seen when the user interacts with the image by mouse-over or by tap.

The Grand Finale

The call to action. The reason we were trying to impress the viewer. This part needed to be the epitome of functionally beautiful. Luke created a parallax section featuring himself perched on a cliff next to the huge words "HIRE US." For extra ease of use, this section also features a drop down menu including all of the options presented in the services carousel to remove any initial ambiguity in the briefing process.

Our glorious designer Luke perched on a cliff, beckoning you to hire his incredible talents.

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