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Separate from PEAQ's Coaching division, their line of clean, organic protein powder hit the South Australian health and fitness community in a big way. It was our job to present the product to their target audience via explosive video content.

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Targeting primarily the callisthenic and functional fitness crowd, this video ad was designed to instil a sense of power, speed, function, form, health, and discipline. Created by two of our operatives Luke and Mike, this task required a degree of skill akin to that of action films. Filmed entirely in Adelaide's SA Base Camp gym, home to several Ninja Warrior contestants, our operators had to do everything the athlete was doing, but with a camera in their hands. With dedication second to none, Luke managed to fracture his ankle in the process of getting the perfect shot, which he claims was totally worth it. Even though it meant editing the footage with his leg in an Esky.

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