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We wanted to create something fresh and interactive but simple and clean for this local up and coming Japanese fusion restaurant. The results speak for themselves.

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Koshō Exhibition
UX/UI/Graphic Design

Simple, Beautiful, Interactive

Koshō Exhibition is an Adelaide-based Japanese fusion restaurant with a classy modern vibe. We worked together to create a beautifully fluid and interactive one-page website experience that encapsulates their persona and communicates their vibe.

The Brief

Koshō already had a brand present on their menus and in the restaurant including a logo, fonts, and colours which we were to utilize. We were tasked with creating a beautiful one-page, interactive, mobile-compatible online experience to wow prospective diners. The site was to include a short introduction to the restaurant, basic location info, their food and dessert menus, and a call to action for their two online ordering services and phone call orders. A third-party booking system had already been arranged for reservations. Super simple, this brief gave us plenty of room to work with.

Design Rationale

Overall Look and Feel

The restaurant itself has an air of exclusivity about it. Intimate lighting and striking artwork draw the eye while highlights of a bold red dot the interior like the chilli used in their dishes. The goal was to replicate this vibe.

Representing the colour of the cuisine and the classy intimately lit interior, our rendition of the Kosho brand consisted of contrasting black-tinted imagery and chilli red block sections combined with a delicate neutral pink base. Text sections were kept deliberately light to not detract from the real star of the show - the food.

Responsive Animation

The largest and most interactive section is also the most important. We designed the food and desert menus to have mouse-over interactions, making them appear as physical objects with movement and reflections. Both the main menu and one of two primary calls to action on the hero section lead to the menus. The other call to action visible twice in the hero section is the 'Call Now' button, encouraging viewers to order food straight away. All main menu items smoothly scroll to the selected section in a fluid and satisfying way.

Be sure to visit www.koshoexhibition.com to experience this gorgeous design first-hand.

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