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ESTEAM Summit is an annual competition for school students to solve the world's most interesting problems by using any combination of Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, and Mathematics. The winner of each division gets an ESTEAM-related prize and networking opportunities with industry sponsors and judges. It was our job to bring the whole thing to life with a logo, colour scheme, website, spicy copy, and even an event mascot.

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ESTEAM is Like STEM…But Cooler.

ESTEAM stands for Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, and Mathematics. It marries the highly technical and practical benefits of STEM subjects but with user experience, innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialisation advantages provided by the creative world to create complete and attractive solutions to global issues that can plug seamlessly into society.

ESTEAM Summit is a competition where the brightest young minds around the state come up with solutions to the world’s problems using Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (and Design), and Mathematics. The competition is broken down into two parts. During the first part, students complete and submit their project online. These projects are then judged and finalists are chosen to proceed to part two - the Summit. The finalists attend the Summit and present their solutions on stage to a panel of judges who then pick a winner from each division and award them their prizes.

Design Brief

The scope of the project included a full brand including a logo, colour scheme, typeface selection, a landing page, a two-page informational brochure, and a magazine ad to appear in Science Illustrated.

ESTEAM Summit is split into three divisions – primary school, middle school, and high school – which means the brand needed to excite nine to eighteen-year-olds to create ground-breaking ESTEAM projects.

The Client trusted us completely to come up with the brand and gave us full creative autonomy over the project as long as it conveyed the points specified above.

Our designer Luke got to work conceptualising the brand and created his own framework to work within. He decreed that it needed a standout colour scheme, bold, fun but functional typefaces, immersive visuals, and best of all, a brand mascot.

Design Rationale


Working with a tight timeframe and limited budget, every step had to be optimised like the queen’s daily routine. Here’s how it went.

The Logo

As an event and sub-brand of STEM Fast Track, we opted to incorporate their primary logo in a badge-like design with the intention that it will be worn as a crest on shirts, recreated as an arm badge (see the Mascot),and printed as a seal on certificates for the competition winners.

The logo seamlessly incorporates the SF icon into a set of mountains representing the summit, in front of a beaming sun symbolising the future on the horizon.

The Mascot

Remember Rosie the Riveter from those iconic wartime propaganda posters encouraging women to join the work force? Well we loved this empowering icon and came up with Annie the Astronaut. Unfortunately however, due to time and budget restrictions, the majority of Annie’s artwork was sourced from a high quality vector art resource. Regardless, we believe that this illustration perfectly captures the essence of the ESTEAM Summit.

Adapting the ESTEAM logo, we created the badge that sits on Annie’s arm that reads “ESTEAM TEAM” to really capture a sense of unity and progression.

Annie The Astronaut

The Info Pack

Based on magazine design conventions, the info pack is designed to fully introduce and brief any student who reads it. It includes all crucial dates, times, instructions, locations, and even a roadmap that visually demonstrates every step required to qualify for the summit. Each step of the roadmap was designed to resemble planets, making the whole map look like an inter-planetary journey.

Both sides of the info pack A4 design.

The Landing Page

The Hero Section

The first thing you see when visiting the ESTEAM Summit landing page. You’re immediately immersed in that beautiful purple and orange colour scheme and greeted by Annie the Astronaut whilst being drawn to the button in the centre of the page, prompting you to register for the event.

Presenting the Info Pack

We didn’t want people to have to dig through menus and sub-menus to download the info pack. Front and centre, given physical elements like a shadow and a reflection, the info pack is presented clearly and beautifully directly after the hero section.

Presenting the Details

The primary function of this landing page was to provide info and capture leads. We decided on the simple and functional approach for informative sections as to not confuse anyone.

One part that the client requested were designed to perfection was the summit's timeline so that applicants were absolutely clear on what was expected of them and what they should expect leading up to the summit itself.

Timeline of all actions taken on the path to the summit, broken down in a simple, interactive, colour-coded, numbered, and iconified cross-platform experience.

Device Compatibility

Of course, the page needed to be mobile compatible. The page was to be advertised via QR Codes, posted on social media, and presented to school students who spend the majority of their time on their phones.

Mobile compatibility in all of its glory.

The MagazineAd

This was the simplest part of them all. The client was so happy with the info pack, they wanted it to be the ad. With some minor modifications it was submitted and printed by the thousands.

Metric Tracking

To test whether Science Illustrated would bring in a sufficient number of leads, every link listed including the QR code presented were unique traceable links. Whenever somebody visited a link from the magazine it would be visible on a dashboard. Yes we know, Luke is a genius.

The ESTEAM Summit ad as seen on the first page of the Rocket Science issue of Science Weekly.
Annie in as seen on the ESTEAM Summit Science Illustrated magazine ad boasting the ESTEAM Team patch.

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