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This project was a full creative branding exercise. We were tasked with creating a logo, website, stationery, merchandise, & lots of daggers.

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Bring on the Daggers...

The Brief

We were approached by this local concrete company to produce a bold, fierce brand that would turn heads but also represent the business and the name of the owner, 'D'Agostino,' who goes by the name 'Dagger'. The business name and the inclusion of daggers was non-negotiable, but other than that, we were given full creative autonomy over the project.

A Logo For Many Mediums

One of the many points covered in our initial discovery session was the inclusion of many mediums for the BDCS brand. The client wanted a logo to look good on his business cards, his trucks, a website, and even merchandise. A part of his marketing strategy was to produce amazing-looking hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sports jerseys, and tank tops that he could hand out to friends, colleagues, family, and other connections to maximise the 'word-of-mouth' effect in our local city. This means creating adaptable iconography and choosing flexible typography to match.

Design Rationale

Creating a Logo to Turn Heads

Rather than draw inspiration from the excess of boring concrete company logos out there, our designer Luke decided to draw inspiration from an art style more akin to barbers and tattoo parlours. Bold, angular, traditional. Hardy but precise, like perfectly polished concrete.

First the diamond was created using geometric shapes and stylised lines, using negative space to give it body.

Daggers were then created in the same style using geometric shapes and stylised lines using negative space to both fill the body and provide a thick outline to complete the look and blend the elements all together.

A Typeface to Match

No ordinary typeface would do here. We looked at many a black and slab font, but the one that stole the show was Norwester Regular. Angular and bold, just like the logo.

Rectangular and circular outcomes. The former intended for website iconography, the latter for print on merchandise.
Longform Logo, intended for business cards and document inclusion.

A Concrete Website

Like concrete, this client wanted their website to be simple, bold, and functional. We opted for a one-page cross-platform user experience that could capture leads no matter the device. In characteristic Taurine style, we created a functionally beautiful user interface - serving both practically and aesthetically to maximise the user experience.

View the work-in-progress site here, due to launch mid-November:

Featured Website Moments

We attempted to present certain elements of the site akin to the aesthetic of concrete. For example, their process section is designed to have the appearance of stacking concrete slabs.

The contrasting greys and charcoals to keep the eye stimulated throughout the continuous scroll, paired with a plethora of moving parts are all designed to create a visually intoxicating experience that also delivers information as efficiently as possible.

Cross-platform site prototype. Due to launch mid-November (Live link for TopTal viewers:

Business card concept with gold-embossed print. Bold, dark, prestigious.

Extra design intended for promotional merchandise placement.

Merchandise examples requested by client.

Mixer truck concept - part of branding foresight process.

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