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As part of a larger scheme to bring talented women into STEM careers, this collaboration project between STEM Fast Track (SFT) and Accenture was designed to equip an elite group of girls with the life skills needed to excel in a cyber security career. Each graduate from the program is given the opportunity to qualify for a traineeship at Accenture. It was our job to deck them out with a fresh brand and landing page to launch the program.

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UX/UI/Graphic Design

Cyber Sista

The Brief

Taurine's talented designer Luke was tasked with two things. First, to create a logo and colour scheme for the new 'Cyber Sista' brand. Second, to create a fluid landing page experience, leading applicants through the process of registering for the program. The design also had to reflect the existing branding of STEM Fast Track and Accenture combined in a seamless and functionally beautiful manner.

Design Rationale

Logo Design

Having built some of SFT's existing brand, we were very familiar with how to continue their design language.

Throughout their branding, energising, colourful gradient meshes are used to engulf circuit-like circular logos. As they already have programs called STEM Sista, and STEM Mista, it was decided that we continue the design pattern for the Cyber Sista logo.

Colour Scheme

Where we really tied both brands together was in our use of colour. Select shades of purple and blue were sampled directly from the STEM Sista, STEM Mista, and Accenture colour schemes, then slightly altered to form an electrifying aurora-like palette.

Supporting Visuals

Lastly, a large and bold aspect of Accenture's '>' iconography is strategically utilised to solidify Cyber Sista's ties to it's father brand.

The Landing Page

The landing page needed to fit seamlessly into SFT's existing design scheme but also feel novel and refreshing. The rationale behind this page was to be informative with subtle visual indulgence. To achieve this, we laid out the information and then introduced tastefully stylistic animation to most elements on the page.

For a full preview please feel free to visit the landing page.

Hero section with call to action & inspirational quote, following the theme of SFT's other programs.
Clear and concise informative section, designed to define the purpose of the program and entice readers.

Empathetic agitation and qualifying the reader.
Providing a solution and outlining benefits.
Bottom of page call to action.

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