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our Approach

Design Process



We either meet or Zoom call your team and define your needs in detail and discover if we'll be a good fit.

Once you've approved our quote and we've received the deposit, we send you the necessary documents to communicate your vision with us and populate any written content that we need to create your digital product.


We start analysing your competitors, brands and designs that demonstrate similar traits to your brief, we isolate their weaknesses, draw inspiration from their strengths, and begin creating concepts for a visual experience that will put you leagues above the competition.


In this stage we create colour schemes, play with various design styles, iconography, plan how your website's visual experience will move, how it will flow, where the balance of motion and practicality sits with your brand.


Having explored options for an optimal outcome, our team creates your cross-platform digital product, user interface, user experience, visual design and/or interaction design to completion.

Client Input

Once the design outcome is complete, the client is given the opportunity to have input. The client can request modifications to better suit their needs for up to the number of hours specified on the initial quote. More modification time can be purchased at our standard rate.


Congratulations! Your functionally beautiful visual experience is now complete and you're ready to blow your customers away.

For basic projects like a logo design, we simply send you every file you require. For more complex experiences that require maintenance, you have the option of maintaining it yourself or paying a small monthly fee to have us take care of it for you.

Either way, we make sure you're equipped to get the most out of your new digital product.